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Most entrepreneurs want to scale their companies, but may be apprehensive about the problems, obligations and risks that accompany growth. This is the Growth Dilemma.


Ami Kassar’s Amazon bestseller and Inc. Originals Imprint is a must-read for entrepreneurs who want to scale their organizations. Ami’s easy-to-follow approach has helped countless business leaders determine the fundamental “hows” for optimal expansion:

How much do you want your enterprise to grow?

How much risk will you take?

How quickly would you like to expand?

How much leverage can you use?

In the Growth Dilemma, Ami challenges readers’ assumptions about their growth opportunities and inspires them to achieve goals with gusto. Learn how to evaluate available options for building your business to the size and complexity that best fit your business’ unique needs.


Ami walks through exercises that help:


• Answer the crucial million-dollar question

• Identify growth aspirations

• Assess personal risk tolerance

• Determine entrepreneurial lifecycle stage

• Evaluate company lifespan

book mockup.jpg

The answers to these questions will influence how you think about your growth dilemma. Letting go of fiscal comfort zones can be a powerful catalyst for success. As you apply the strategies, you can find the financing structure to reach your target.


The Growth Dilemma is filled with real-life stories of how different financial decisions affect every kind of business. By studying the various scenarios, readers can better understand how to tackle their own scaling strategies.

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