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What Did You Learn from Ami?

Praise from Caryn Kopp, EO New Jersey and Copp Consulting


"I am so impressed by Ami Kassar and his presentation to our large Amazon seller audience at the PROSPER Show. Ami is incredibly knowledgeable about funding/capital opportunities for Amazon seller entrepreneurs— even the most sophisticated audience members had all sorts of questions which Ami patiently and fully answered."

— James Thomson, President, Prosper Show

"Ami Kassar is an expert in finding capital for growth businesses. He has a refreshingly candid communication style using real examples and interactive exercises to anchor in the learning."


David Nilssen
EO Idaho
CEO, Doxa Talent

"Ami’s presentation is always well received by his EO audiences. He has several keynote topics and will customize the talk for his audience. He speaks to the needs of EVERY entrepreneur at the various growth and financial stages. Ami definitely will touch upon key strategies that are needed by every entrepreneur at some point of the journey."

Image_Jorge Orozco.jpg

Jorge Orozco
Senior Manager,
Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)

"I have gained some more detailed information on buying and selling a business. I work with advisors and accountants who can now have more accurate knowledge to relay to their clients. Key Takeaway: Don't Commingle Funds."

Image_Tracy Miller.jpg

Tracy Miller
Elite Resource Team

"Ami's workshop was an excellent exercise in working through guided investment frameworks in a collective setting."

Image_Ryan Smith.jpg

Ryan Smith

"One of the things that impresses me the most about Ami is that he can take some very complex ideas and distill them down. People who are not experts in the industry but who need to know that information can digest it and know how it applies to them for better decision making."

Image_Caryn Kopp (1).jpg

Caryn Kopp
EO New Jersey
Chief Door Opener, Kopp Consulting


"Ami Kassar's sessions were insightful and high energy. I gained practical insights on strategic growth and a clear understanding of SBA loans. His approach to simplifying information is a valuable asset for anyone seeking clarity and comprehension in the world of financing and growth strategies."

Image_Michael Ross.jpg

Michael Ross

EO Los Angeles
Co-founder, DOXA Talent 



"We have long held to our slow growth vision of avoiding debt.  Ami’s information helped us realize that strategic financing for growth would move our projects forward at a pace that would allow us to capitalize on new revenue and forward momentum."

— Lynn Ledford, CEO/Partner, The Summit

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