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Growth Inciter:

Reboot Your Business

Ami’s highly interactive presentations challenge entrepreneurs and C-level executives to rethink their business goals. His newest presentation was born out of the realities of 2020 and the COVID-spurred economic turndown. He helps business leaders rethink their approach to the rebound.


Through dynamic conversation, analysis and exchange, Ami explores a variety of real-world funding solutions. Participants gain clarity, insight and actionable next steps on the path to accessing capital and solving their growth dilemmas.

The presentation, which can be done virtually or in-person, begins with an interactive icebreaker: Participants are asked: What would you do with a million dollars tomorrow? There is one caveat—purchasing a grand vacation home is not an option. The money must be invested into their enterprise or a mutual fund of their choice.


From there, Ami facilitates a group dialogue about entrepreneurial lifecycle stages and how participants can energize their company and its prospect for growth.


“Ami’s material is clear, relevant, and incredibly helpful. There is so much muddy thinking around funding and he just cut through it all.”

— Eric Schurenberg, CEO, Fast Company & Inc

Attendees Will:

Answer the crucial million-dollar question

Examine their organizations’ most significant weaknesses and how they can resolve it

Identify growth aspirations

Determine the entrepreneurial lifecycle stage

Assess their personal risk tolerance

Evaluate an optimal business lifespan


Ami has dedicated his career to helping entrepreneurs develop creative, cost-saving alternatives for their debt and financing structures. His presentations combine a matter-of-fact approach, charismatic discussion, crucial information and viable solutions to fund business leaders’ next big idea.


“I want to personally thank you. Words cannot express the impact your workshop has had on my company and many others with whom I shared your information.”

— Frank V., Rochester, NY, Wholesale Distributor

Ami in Action